Hinged Stop CollarStop Collars

spiral nail stop collar
  • Hinged Stop Collar with Bolt
  •  Hinged Stop Collar with Spiral Nails
  • Hinged Stop Collar with Set Screws
  • Hinge of Hinged Stop Collar


  • 1.Easy Installation
  • 2.Strong Holding Force
  • 3.Bolt,nail or screw Lock
  • 4.Hinged at one end

Product's advantage

There are 3 types of connecting method:Bolt,Spiral nail and Screws

These two half stop collars are made by plate punchining process.

It can be quickly installed and have strong holding force.

The stop collar combines by two parts and are hinged .

Surface is powder coated or painting baking to avoid rust.

The hinged stop collar sizes are from 4-1/2inch to 20inch,OEM accepted.