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welded bow spring centralizer
  • Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Hinged Welded Extended Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Unfold Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
  • Detail Welded Bow of Welded Bow Spring Centralizer


  • 1.Easily Installed Over Stop Collar by Hinged Pin Design
  • 2.Bow Springs Welded on Hinged End Collar
  • 3.Bow is Heat Treated to Provide Excellent Standoff
  • 4.Add Spaced Integral Setscrew to Tighten Welded Bow Spring
  • 5.Available In Sizes from 4-1/2 to 20inch


Product's advantage

This kinds of welded bow spring centralizer is designed and manufactured to centralize casing during cementing operation,providing super performance and strength.

Welded bow spring centralizer with hinged pin design is available and widely applied in the well and easily installed over stop collars or couplings on all standard casing grades.

The bow spring centralize can improve the cement flow in the shortest time.

Various height of welded bow spring centralizer can be available to offer excellent restoring forces.

This bow centralizer increases the holding force by adding evenly spaced integral set screws to assist the welded straight bow springs, a stop collar or coupling is not required with this centralizer.

The bow of welded bow centralizer is made of high grade spring steel which is heat treated,can provide maximum standoff during cemention and any bow height is available to provide excellent restoring forces.

The rigid end collar is hinged type,it provide solid support for end bands,it is aslo easy installation.

All the welded bow spring centralizers are tested and meet or exceed API specification 10D for reliability and durability during operations.

Hinged welded bow spring centralizer and slip on welded bow spring centralizer are available on request.

Welded bow spring centralizer sizes are from 4-1/2 to 20inch.

Detail of Welded Bow Spring Centralizer
casing centralizer detail